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Megan BFOI Y3 by xayshade
Megan BFOI Y3
EDIT: Some minor color and app issues added!



Megan Permia


Megan was born in Floaroma Town but moved to Goldenrod city with her mother and brother. There her mother began launching her own honeymaking business with the family Vespiquen. Having to help protect the stock and pokemon from various thieves and honey stealers/Combee predators, Megan grew an immense fondness for bug pokemon and began her own pokemon journey. Megan grew to be an accomplished trainer, adept at her aggressive heavy offense and care in her pokemon. After a long career she yearns for a true challenge, to test her skills and continue to grow. So she came to the beach. 
parties, thrills, bugs, the beach, sun, swimming, ruthlessly beating things, fashion.
party poopers, babies, being bored, flying.


Bio: Arthur is the biggest and heaviest on the team. He could be likened to a large cat. Arthur attempts to sleep most of the day, and cuddle up at night. Usually is bored and apathetic to pretty much any and everything. But when he steps up to battle though is a nother story. Megan and Arthur communicate through him tapping and scraping the ground, somewhat like morse code. However when he is particularly frustrated he can also screech, and makes other mandible clicking noises to communicate with.

Bio: Myriam has mellowed down a lot since she was last used. She takes her job as a big shot Battle Pokemon very seriously, but if you dare attempt to tickle her, she will try to hug you. Myriam communicates with Megan vocally, as her mandibles don't obstruct her mouth.

Bio: King is a large and old Kingler. He was caught fairly easily, just laying there and letting it hit him. King is very supportive and will try to cheer his teammates on during their matches, and will pop out of the ball just to be with the team. He just wants everyone to be happy. King communicates with Megan with various claw waving/clasping. By opening and closing his claw, making various clicking sounds, King and Megan can communicate.

Bio: Brine is a very new addition to the team, having hatched the week prior. He is still very clingy and will never leave Megans side. He is terrified of every pokemon on the team except Solen. In fact Brine is terrified of most things in general. Brine communicates with different formations of his feather fins.

Bio: Solen evolved recently, after a massive amount of begging. With said evolution came a massive personality shift. Solens is broody, moody, and doesn't like you. Don't look at Megan or get too close to Megan or Solen will mess you up son son. He is actually very whiney and just wants to make Megan proud. Solen is most angry that Lacey is in the mega spot and not him. Solen is somewhat of an arrogant kung-fu guy, but it is well deserved. If you are too big for Arthur, too tough for King, too fast for Myriam, you might be enough for Solen. He communicates with by vibrating his wings at different frequencies.

Bio: Lacey is fresh off Megan's family's honey farm and is ready and raring to go. She is always upbeat ad always ready to do her best and give a 110%. She practically begged to come. Lacey communicates with Megan by also vibrating her wings at different frequencies. She has a higher "voice" than Solen does.


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United States
Hey all

There are a lot more of you now, with the recent increase in my watchers (from like 5 to 40ish). 

At Any rate I just want to say thank you for the watches, the kind words, faves, all that stuff, it means soooooooooo much to a nobody like yours truly to get love on this nuzlocke i cooked up in my head. I haven't worked much on it lately do to massive artblock but production will go back up starting monday. The holidays and writing for new pages left me blank in the arting department.

Also prepare for a lot of non pokemon updates in the future, as i viciously try to break out from the box i have drawn myself in. I hope you enjoy me making 2015 a good year for me and again appreciate the mad love 

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